Pasifika Fanau Evening 2018

Published on Friday, 27 April 2018, 4:48 p.m. Print Article

Our annual Pasifika consultation evening was - as usual - a wonderful, inspiring evening .  It was great to have families and teachers meeting, talking, getting to know each other and hearing some inspiring messages from our four guests.  It was a wonderful Pasifika Fanau meeting. Families and teachers sharing stories, ideas, dreams, ... and food.

Parents told teachers about their children, their lives, and their culture, helping teachers understand the child beyond the classroom. writing.

A special thanks to our guests - especially to Tasipale Valavala (Year 13) and Jireh Valavala (Year 9) who both shared  some motivational words. SBHS teacher Joseph Houghton accompanied the boys. Amituana’i Fuetanoa Kose Seinafo, and Tuúauato Mark Tulia - both from the Ministry of Education -  also graced us with their presence and encouragement. To finish the evening we all enjoyed the shared meal of some lovely Pasifika foods.

(February 2018)