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Saturday, 25 Jan 2020
Limited Statutory Manager
Monday 23 December 2019 Dear Shirley Intermediate Community Our school charter cites our FIRE values as Fairness, Integrity, Responsibility and Excellence; We want our children to be “on FIRE for learning” so that they are eventually enabled to live full and satisfying lives. While our recent Education Review Office report indicated a range of measures and coordinated effort to improve the academic achievement of our children in literacy and numeracy, the overall assessment of ERO is that our school still “needs development” in this area. Accordingly, the Ministry of Education has advised us that a “Limited Statutory Manager” (LSM) will be working with our board of trustees, helping the board to maximise measures which could ensure that the gains we have made continue. The LSM is to specialise in curriculum management, including teaching and assessment. We are pleased to advise our LSM is Mr Rob Callaghan. Rob has an extensive background in education with 32 years as a principal, and time as an Education Review Officer (ERO). He has connections with New Zealand Education Institute (NZEI, Teaching Union), New Zealand School Trustees Association (NZSTA School Governance Support) and the Ministry of Education (MOE). Rob will have full rights as a board member as well as providing support to the principal and the management team around curriculum, teaching and assessment. We are excited to have Rob on board and look forward to working with him to continue to improve the academic success of our children. Yours sincerely Michelle Adams Shirley Intermediate Board Chair