We thank caregivers for supporting us in keeping the children presented in correct uniform. In 2016 we adopted our new logo (top left of this page).  In 2017 and 2018 we will be in a transition period during which the new and the old logo are both permitted at school.  From 2019 only the new logo will be accepted.

1) Mainland Uniforms - Two shops:  
  • 511 Wairakei Road
  • Peterborough St (Between Manchester and Madras St) 

2) The Warehouse, Eastgate - nb. does not sell complete kit.  

Please note: The SIS logo is being phased in over 2017 and 2018.  The transition will be complete in 2019 by which time the new logo will be required on all  uniforms.

Boys ~ Summer
SIS polo shirt, grey drill shorts, SIS socks (blue-white-blue hoops at top of long grey socks), Plain black shoes*, Sunhat.

Girls ~ Summer
SIS polo shirt, SIS cullottes, SIS kilt, White socks, Plain black shoes*, Sunhat.​

Sports and PE Uniform

(for PE and Sports sessions)
Sky blue SIS PE t-shirt, navy blue shorts, sports shoes.

Winter optional additions
Navy blue track pants.
Soft shell SIS jacket(Mainland Uniform).

Black leather shoes or plain black sports shoes.
Shoe laces to be black.
Sports shoes of other colours may be worn when in PE gear or for sports.
No “high top” or skate shoes. No flourescent or bright colours.

Media Gallery

1 media item

Plain, navy blue, bucket or full brim model. 
Available from stockists. Also for sale at the School Office $14.00 each.

Clear of face and eyes. Hair longer than shoulder length is to be tied back.

For safety and security jewellery is not to be worn. Jewellery items of personal significance should not be visible. One stud per ear, no other facial studs.

Make up
Cosmetics and nail polish are not permitted.