Class Physical Education (PE) lessons. 
  • Term one: Swimming*, fitness , Hagley Summer Sport
  • Term two: Winter sports codes
  • Term three: Gymnastics
  • Term four: Summer sports codes, athletics and swimming*

Children must wear correct sports uniform for these periods and during school sports. 

Tuesday Afternoon Sports
Tuesday afternoon is our school-wide sports time.  Children take part in a range of sports including major and minor games, and tabloids. When tournaments are being held our sports teams will leave school to take part while the other children do a school-based sport activity. This term we have begun competition summer sports at Hagley. Sports include: Cricket, Softball, Boys Touch Rugby, Mixed Touch Rugby.

Winter Sports tournament
Based at Hagley Park, the tournament is held for all intermediate schools and includes netball, hockey, football, rugby, rugby league, and rippa rugby. We encourage children to take part in this tournament. In recent years we have had up to 60% of the children taking part. The rest of the children remain at school for sports activities. 

Inter-intermediate sports
We take part in other inter-intermediate sports competitions such as basketball, swimming, cross-country, triathlon and cricket.

Ski Trips (Annually)
Every year we have a ski trip arranged for our children to Porter Heights. 

Specialist Coaching
We receive government funding which has been targeted for getting children active. We use this to complement our sports programme.  One way we do this is to have coaches visit school to take classes for skills sessions. In recent years we have had cricket and netball coaching for all classes. In 2011 Australian Rules (considered by sports journalist Joseph Romanos to be the most athletic and skilled game in the world) is being included for all children.

Teaching children to swim is a major feature of our school  each summer. In addition to our teachers receiving training in teaching children to swim, classes have pool access on most days from Labour Weekend until Easter. 

Parent/adult help 
We appreciate help from adults willing and able to coach teams for a season or assist with transport occasionally. Please contact the Principal or Mike Allen – the teacher  in charge of sport. (

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