Stationery Requirements

The School Office is open 9am -2.30pm from Wednesday 27 January 2021.  Stationery will be available for purchase.
1 x 1A5 unlined book @  $1
5 x 1B5 lined book @ $4
2 x 1E5 Maths book @ $1.60
1 x 3B1 notebook @ 30c
1 x 14B5 Lined refill pad @ $1.40
2 x Clearfile 40 pages needed @ $6
2 x blue pen @ $1
2 x red pen @ $1
2 x pencil HB @ $1.00
1 x ruler @ 50c
1 x eraser @ 40c
1 x sharpener @ 20c
1 x protractor @ 50c
1 x glue stick @ $1.70
1 x calculator @ $10.00
1 set colouring pencils @ $5.00
The complete stationery pack apart from the Chromebook (below) - can be purchased from the school office, or individual items may also be purchased.

Increasingly, we are moving toward the use of devices for our learning and recording. In time, the above book list will be reduced as a result of this change.  The devices we are encouraging children to have are Chromebooks. We are confident about the value of these devices, and their suitability for learning in school. 

What are Chromebooks?
Chromebooks are google–related products, and look like conventional laptops – fairly light in size.  They allow the user to browse the internet.   At SIS the children are all given a school google user account.  They can set up their own files, saving and editing information and documents as for a computer with stored  memory.  But with the Chromebook they will be saving to their google account which exists in the “cloud” – it is not attached to any physical computer.  Because of this their files can be accessed from any internet-capable device by using their individual password.  This ease of access will be beneficial for pupils, teachers and parents.

Why purchase?

We do have a number of desktop computers, and chromebooks for each classroom.  Children who own their own Chromebooks (or other internet-capable device) will be more assured of their ability to access a device for learning. 

Children currently in Year 8 who are deciding to purchase a device might prefer to buy a device recommended by the high school which they will attend next year.  Year Seven children are recommended to buy a Chromebook.

A purchasing deal which we had with Noel Leemings is in place, and new deals will replace the current one  for the foreseeable future. The staff at Noel Leemings are familiar with the specifications which are suited for our purposes.   Purchasing through them gives access to consideration for time payments. It also brings extra warranty, accessories, and the chromebook will arrive preset with the child registered on with a gmail account linked to our school. 

Yes, Bring Your Own Device (phone size is not suitable for class writing or viewing).  

We do have internet agreements and rules by which all internet users must abide. Inappropriate internet access may result in access being denied for several weeks or permanently.