Chromebooks at SIS

2017 Update 
Chromebooks have been our recommended device for children for the past three years.  We have built up our school-owned supply of chromebooks to a 1:2 ratio (device to child).  

We encourage children to have their own chromebook.   The advantages of ownership include:
 - No queuing for a turn
- Being able to use it at home
- Greater expertise developed through more frequent use
- Reduced waiting time for other pupils because of the improved ratio. 

Why Chromebooks?
  • As Google devices they are linked to the google platform - which is what we use at SIS.  
  • Internet access without device glitches – The Chromebook is a “browser”;   It can access files in the cloud, without actually saving anything internally; therefore it is protected from viruses.  
  • It allows the user to “browse” - and use the internet and applications, saving documents in “the cloud”. 
  • Multiple Connectedness – To the internet; to other children in class; to the teacher; to parents/caregivers; to anyone that the user “shares” with.  “Work” can be accessed from any internet connection.  Parents and teachers can see what the child has shared at any time.  
  • Supervised Firewall in place. School has ability to check history. 
  • Proven performance – well proven and a preferred model for many schools
  • Durability – spill-proof keyboard, strong but light construction, carry bag (waterproof zip!).

Te Tihi o Te Matauranga (TTOM)

Several years ago we were part of the above-named initiative in which some thirty Christchurch schools explored and then sought to provide affordable devices for every pupil across local school networks.   

Even if you  – like me –were raised in the pre-internet age, you will have realised long ago that the digital classroom is here to stay and the benefits in schooling have been well proven.

A few years ago the SIS Board of Trustees worked with thirty other Christchurch schools - to enable all or most children at SIS to own their own digital device to use at school and home. The Chromebook is the device we identified as the preferred option for our school.  Chromebooks are browsers; they do not download. Thus children can access the internet but they are not susceptible to viruses. No viruses!  Chromebooks are durable and lightweight, and competitively priced.

The learning benefits to be gained from children having guided access to a digital device for learning are well established.  We're fortunate to have a steady, highly accessible device such as the chromebook as our device of choice.  

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