Monday, Tuesday Wednesday - School canteen is open 12.40-12.55 for orders from list below

Thursday - Lunch Online order system Refer instructions below

Friday - Healthy sandwiches made to order on Friday by student leaders.  Orders can be completed and paid for at the school office before 9am Friday. 

Lunch Online Order System
This is a electronic ordering  system with a greatly increased selection of foods.  Orders are  completed by family  through a simple electronic pre-pay system, and can be done days in advance, up  until to 8.30am on Thursdays 

Menus can be viewed by following the link to our page on Lunch Online

Thanks so much for supporting us as we seek to provide access to good food choices.
All orders are completed at the school office before 8.55am daily.The canteen is open at 12.40pm for sale of chips, waffles and drinks.
  • Calzone (heated filled panini): $3
  • Pizza: $3
  • Quiche – Vegetarian: $3
  • American Hotdog: $3.50
  • Mince & cheese pie: $3.50
  • Small chicken & vegetable pie: $2.50
  • Small Mince Pie: $1.50
  • Small Potato-top Pie: $1.50
  • Small Sausage Roll: $1.50
  • Small apple pie: $2.20
  • Waffle (hot/cold): $1.50
  • Potato Chips: $2
  • Volcano hot bites (new): $3
  • Moosies and Juicies (can be purchased at lunch time only): $2